5 Smart Kitchen Appliances: From Wifi Enabled Oven to Coffee Maker and More

5 Smart Kitchen Appliances: From Wifi Enabled Oven to Coffee Maker and More

The clickety-clack of life plunge people into a state where you become complete ignorant about a healthydiet. You always end up ordering oily junk foodbecause by the end of the day you are too tired to cook. That moment when you are stuck in traffic, you only dream of a miracle that can keep your meal ready when you reach home. Well, that miracle is now possible. The never ending advancement in technology is making all our dreams come true. Here are the five high tech kitchen appliances

that make cooking a cake walk.

1. Smart Ovens

Now you can preheat your oven from anywhere by simply operating it through your smart phone. These smart ovens are Wifi enabled and just by downloading an app you can control all the functions of the oven. Adjust the temperature and timer, and you will automatically get the notifications when you oven is ready to cook.

2. Sous-Vide Machine/Under Vacuum Preserve Steamer

It is also a remote control Wifi enabled cooking device, which steams or cooks food at low water temperature. All you need to do is put your food in a vacuum bag; keep it in the steamer filled with water and let it do all the work. The machine will keep the food at refrigerator temperature unless you start it with your mobile app. You can steam cook numerous foods like chicken breasts

, vegetables, shrimps, lobsters, and even steaks.

3. Smart Slow Cooker

A kitchen is inefficient without a slow cooker. Gift your kitchen a smart innovative slow cooker that works by one touch on your smart phone. In these Wifi enabled slow cooker, you can adjust cooking time, temperature and switching on/off from anywhere. This is best for cooking chicken tikka masala, pork soup, white chicken chilli and many more meaty delights.

4. Coffee Brewer

Sometimes we are so tired that all we need is a good cup of coffee that can just magically brew on its own. For all the coffee lovers out there, Wifi enabled coffee brewer is your must have. You can easily adjust the darkness and sweetness of coffee and auto-schedule your coffee from your I-phone or android for the perfect morning.

5. High Tech Barbeque


Who doesn’t love barbecued chicken? But we think twice before making it at home because standing and keeping a watch is a tedious task. Technology has solution for this as well! High Tech Smart Barbeque Smokers can be monitored from anywhere with your smart phone. It gives you alerts when the food is perfectly cooked and also keeps it warm until you get back home. Leave your food on barbeque and operate it from anywhere.

Give your tiring day a delightful ending by making your kitchen Tech Savvy with these Wifi-enabled, remote control appliances. Cook for yourself with ease and stay healthy. Happy Cooking!




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