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Warning: How Safe are You and Your Employees from Your WiFi and Mobile Devices?

hould you need to worry about radiation from your WiFi? Before I delve straight into answering that question, I guess I need to clear up a few of the basics first like: “what exactly is WiFi radiation?” So here you go. WiFi Radiation: What You Should Know Most WiFi devices emit RF (radio-frequency) radiation (or microwave radiation) 24 hours a day. This radiation is more or less the same type used by microwave ovens for cooking food. A microwave oven bombards your food container with microwave radiation. This produces molecular friction which…

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5 Smart Kitchen Appliances: From Wifi Enabled Oven to Coffee Maker and More

The clickety-clack of life plunge people into a state where you become complete ignorant about a healthydiet. You always end up ordering oily junk foodbecause by the end of the day you are too tired to cook. That moment when you are stuck in traffic, you only dream of a miracle that can keep your meal ready when you reach home. Well, that miracle is now possible. The never ending advancement in technology is making all our dreams come true. Here are the five high tech kitchen appliances that make cooking a cake…

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