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Social media for public employees

Social media is a virtual world that can have real-life consequences. Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms are considered public space, and controversial statements from employees can have negative effects on their employer.  The Times inquired about social media policies at local municipalities, police and fire departments, school districts and a private business. Fire department  Fire Chief Ryan Volz said they’ve had issues in the past with firefighters posting inappropriate things on Facebook. He’s gotten a few calls from residents complaining about firefighters’ online conduct.  “Being in the public eye…

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Warning: How Safe are You and Your Employees from Your WiFi and Mobile Devices?

hould you need to worry about radiation from your WiFi? Before I delve straight into answering that question, I guess I need to clear up a few of the basics first like: “what exactly is WiFi radiation?” So here you go. WiFi Radiation: What You Should Know Most WiFi devices emit RF (radio-frequency) radiation (or microwave radiation) 24 hours a day. This radiation is more or less the same type used by microwave ovens for cooking food. A microwave oven bombards your food container with microwave radiation. This produces molecular friction which…

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Uber Fires 20 Employees as Part of Sexual Harassment Investigation

Uber has fired 20 employees in recent months as part of a wide-ranging investigation of the climate and culture at the popular ride-hailing service, the company said Tuesday. The report of the firings initially came from an attorney at the Perkins Coie law firm, which Uber hired to assist in a broader harassment investigation at the company and which made a presentation at the company’s weekly staff meeting Tuesday. The company later said the firings, which included some senior executives, were for sexual harassment, discrimination, unprofessional behavior, retaliation, bullying and…

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