5 ways to meditate with ease

Meditate at ease
Meditate at ease
For many meditation is not as simple as it seems. Sometimes your mind wanders off or your body is tired and you are unable to concentrate. If you are one of those, apply these tips to clear that block to meditate with ease.
Go serene
If you have a cluttered mind running wild with thoughts, get your attention back by thinking of peaceful settings of green grass, birds chirping, a stream flowing… basically sounds of nature which can guide you to a relaxed mind.
Sit at ease
For some it is physically painful to sit still while meditating, try to find an ideal position for your body. If you feel the common posture of sitting cross-legged on the floor is not the best for you, try to find some other pose. While you can make yourself comfortable with cushions or mats, some may find a chair to be the best alternative.
Pick a convenient time
The feeling of relaxation might be followed by the problem of feeling sleepy, but meditation needs you to be awake, so if you feel drowsy pick a time when you are least tired. Try different times of the day to find out which works best for you. You can also try meditating just before bed time which works wonders for a good night’s sleep.
Motivate yourself till you make it a habit
If you cannot make meditation your priority and tend to skip sessions regularly don’t give up. Identify the reasons and go back to doing it, till it becomes a habit. You can start with shorter sessions and increase the time each day. Remind yourself how good the feeling was and how refreshed you felt after the sessions.
Fix a early morning time
This is the most common reason for discouraging oneself from meditating. The best solution is to wake up earlier and focus on your plans of the day. Getting into practising meditation early in the morning helps schedule your day accordingly, while refreshing your mind to take on the day.

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