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Angel Strawbridge’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey: How She Achieved Her Health Goals

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Angel Strawbridge is a British designer, author, and television presenter, best known for her role in the popular TV show “Escape to the Chateau.” While she has made a name for herself in the world of interior design, Angel has also inspired many people with her weight loss journey. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Angel Strawbridge’s inspiring weight loss journey and how she achieved her health goals.

The Beginning of Angel Strawbridge’s Journey

Like many people, Angel Strawbridge struggled with her weight for most of her adult life. She tried various diets and exercise routines over the years, but nothing seemed to stick. However, in 2018, Angel decided it was time to make a change.

At the time, Angel weighed around 14 stone (196 pounds), and she knew she needed to lose weight to improve her health. She began by changing her eating habits, cutting out processed foods and sugary snacks and replacing them with healthy, whole foods. She also started going to the gym and taking more walks.

Angel’s Motivation

Angel was motivated to lose weight for many reasons. She wanted to improve her health and feel better in her own skin, but she also wanted to be a good role model for her children. Angel has two children, Arthur and Dorothy, and she wanted to show them that it’s possible to make positive changes in your life at any age.

Angel also wanted to prove to herself that she could achieve her goals. She had tried to lose weight many times before and had always given up when she didn’t see results right away. This time, she was determined to stick with it and see it through to the end.

The Results

Angel’s hard work paid off, and she lost a significant amount of weight over the course of a year. By 2019, she had lost around 4 stone (56 pounds), and she continues to maintain her weight loss to this day.

Not only did Angel lose weight, but she also gained confidence and energy. She felt better than she had in years, and her newfound energy allowed her to take on new challenges and pursue her passions with renewed vigor.

How Angel Achieved Her Health Goals

Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey was not easy, but she was able to achieve her health goals through a combination of healthy eating, exercise, and mindset shifts.

Healthy Eating

Angel’s first step was to overhaul her diet. She cut out processed foods and sugary snacks and focused on eating whole, nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. She also paid attention to portion sizes and made sure she was eating enough to fuel her body without overeating.


Angel started going to the gym and taking more walks to get her body moving. She didn’t have a specific workout plan but focused on doing what felt good for her body. She also incorporated more activity into her daily life, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and doing household chores.

Mindset Shifts

Angel also made some mindset shifts that helped her stay motivated and focused on her goals. She celebrated her successes, no matter how small, and didn’t beat herself up when she slipped up. She also practiced self-care and made sure to take time for herself, whether it was reading a book or taking a relaxing bath.


Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey is an inspiring example of how it’s never too late to make positive changes in your life. By changing her eating habits, incorporating more movement into her life, and shifting her mindset, Angel was able to achieve her health goals and improve her overall wellbeing. Her story serves as a reminder that with determination, hard work, and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

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