Avoid processed food, ditch hot beverages and sugary drinks: Tips for healthy teeth

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

There are many myths around dental care, right from only sugar causes cavities to all mouthwashes do the same job. During the monsoon though, sensitivity and trouble in jaw/teeth is a common thing. To prevent that, avoid having steaming hot food or beverages and floss regularly, say experts. Romsha Vashishth, Consultant, Oro-Dental Surgeon and Implantologist at Columbia Asia Hospital and Aarti Bhasin, Consultant Dentist at Prive Skin & Wellness Clinic have listed few tips:

* Follow an oral hygiene routine: Brush your teeth twice a day and use desensitise toothpaste to avoid sensitive teeth which is a common problem in the monsoon season.

* Reduce intake of added sugars, preservatives and processed foods: Since every sip or bite is an acid attack it has too many micro-organisms.

* Replace old or worn toothbrushes: If your toothbrush is older than 2 months, it’s about time to get a new one. Other signs of replacement are worn or frayed bristles as these won’t clean every nook and corner of your teeth leaving them unclean and unhealthy.

Change your toothbrush every couple of months. (SHutterstock)

* Nutritionally positive and season rich diet: One should eat all the fresh fruits and fruits which are available during the monsoon season. Drink soups, eat almonds, corns and strawberries.

* Use of antioxidants and vitamin C rich foods/supplements: To avoid bleeding of gums, eat as many fruits like pineapple and cucumber to keep your gums healthy.

Care for kids:

* Use of mouth guard: To avoid oral Injury, kids should use this when going out in the playing areas.

* Stay clean of sugar: Every sugary sports drink add to acid attacks in every sip of it. Substitute it with coconut water, fresh juice and drink water.

* Cleaning your tongue: As this helps in removing the bad breath and the bacterial problems in the mouth one should clean the tongue daily.

Visit a dentist if you have tooth ache. (Shutterstock)

* Use of non-alcoholic mouthwash: For fresh breath and to maintain the pH of the saliva, mouthwash is the best.

* Avoid hot sips: Rains increase the cravings for tea, hot fried foods, and hot soup. Tooth sensitivity is caused by the stimulation of cells within these tubes, causing a short, sharp pain when the area is exposed to hot or cold temperatures through food and beverages. Avoid having steaming hot food or beverages.

* Avoid caffeine: Rain is a perfect excuse of another cup of hot coffee. Coffee helps the bacteria in your mouth to create acids that can lead to tooth and enamel erosion. This can cause your teeth to become thin and brittle. Coffee can also cause bad breath.

* Visit a doctor: Make an immediate appointment visit a doctor if have any tooth ache.





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