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Want to avoid risk of bowel cancer? Cut processed red meat, alcohol from your diet

Are you a meat lover? We have some important news for you. According to a new study, a group of researchers have found strong evidence of links between lifestyle and colorectal cancer risk. Physical activity and whole grains lowers risk of this cancer; too much alcohol and red meat, processed meats and obesity increase the risk. Eating whole grains daily, such as brown rice or whole-wheat bread, reduces colorectal cancer risk, with the more you eat the lower the risk and there was strong evidence that physical activity protects against colon cancer. Edward…

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Avoid processed food, ditch hot beverages and sugary drinks: Tips for healthy teeth

There are many myths around dental care, right from only sugar causes cavities to all mouthwashes do the same job. During the monsoon though, sensitivity and trouble in jaw/teeth is a common thing. To prevent that, avoid having steaming hot food or beverages and floss regularly, say experts. Romsha Vashishth, Consultant, Oro-Dental Surgeon and Implantologist at Columbia Asia Hospital and Aarti Bhasin, Consultant Dentist at Prive Skin & Wellness Clinic have listed few tips: * Follow an oral hygiene routine: Brush your teeth twice a day and use desensitise toothpaste to avoid sensitive teeth…

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