Quick and easy ways to improve health and safety in the workplace

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All businesses should look for ways to improve health and safety in the workplace as this will benefit the company and protect the employees. This does not have to be a daunting task either, as there are many quick and easy ways to boost health and safety which can be implemented almost immediately.

In every industry, health and safety are a primary concern, and it is vital that employers regularly analyse their health and safety practices and how they can be improved. This can stop any dangerous and costly incidents from occurring and could even save lives.

Here are a few quick, easy and affordable ways to boost health and safety in the workplace.

Meetings with staff

Schedule regular meetings with employees where they can voice any concerns they have with regards to health and safety. This could highlight an issue which you were previously unaware of and allow you to take action before an accident occurs. These meetings also ensure that health and safety are always on the mind of your employees.


In addition to being taught how to work safely, health and safety training is important because it educates individuals on how to act in case of an emergency. A health and safety officer should be trained, but you may also want to have other employees undertake a course too.

First-aid kit

It is vital that you have a first-aid kit that has all the necessary equipments (this is the responsibility of the health and safety officer). This first-aid kit should be in a sensible location, and everybody must be aware of it.


Place health and safety signs around the workplace so that people know how to react in certain situations – this is particularly important if members of the public are onsite and unfamiliar with health and safety procedures. Be sure that these signs contain clear images and are placed in well-lit areas.


You should display a health and safety law poster in the workplace and in an area where employees see it every day. This will reinforce safe practices as well as outline what the laws are in this country. You can also include the details of the health and safety office so that everybody knows whom to contact in case of any grievances.

Tidy workplace

Having an untidy workplace is not a good practice. Flammable materials, trip hazards and fire hazards all stem from an untidy work environment, and a large percentage of accidents and fires occur this way. Encourage both the employees and the cleaning staff to keep the area clean especially the kitchen.

These simple steps can have an enormous impact on your employees and could stop any major incidents from occurring. In addition to taking these steps, you must also regularly assess your health and safety (and fire) procedures and speak with staff about how you can make improvements.

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