5 Simple Hacks to Find the Right Meeting Rooms in Brighton

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Brighton and Hove in East Sussex has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in England. While the town is filled with hotels and conference venues, it can be a little hard sometimes to find the right venue for your event. Keep reading to know five simple hacks that can help you get the right meeting venues in Brighton.

Business enterprises within England and world-over are always in search of meeting and conference venues to hold their events like Annual meets, Promotional events and so on. One such town that has caught the fancy of businesses in the past decade is Brighton in East Sussex. Just 30 minutes away from Gatwick Airport, this city is filled with hotels, venues, and conference centres. No wonder, many organisations have made Brighton a permanent destination for holding their annual meetings.

Finding a Venue in Brighton

Thanks to tourists and delegates flocking to this city in increasing numbers, the town has seen a huge rise in the number of hotels offering stay and conference venues of all shapes and sizes to please the delegates. While this is good, it has also made the job of finding the right venue difficult. If you too are in the same spot, use these simple and useful hacks to find the perfect meeting venue in this beautiful town of England.

  1. Make a List- The list of Meeting Rooms in Brighton is endless. One of the most efficient ways to find the right meeting venue is by making a list of all the potential Meeting Rooms in Brighton. For this, you will have to explore online on venue directories and do some survey, but its a must do task. This list will help you understand about the pros and cons of different places thus helping you make a better decision.
  2. Accommodation and Facilities– Is the room big enough to accommodate all the dignitaries and the staff? Is the seating comfortable? Is the projector properly working? Are all the essentials being provided timely? These are a few questions which must cross your mind when you decide to look for accommodations. You must also see whether reaching the venue will be comfortable for all or not. And if your event is for more than one day, make sure the place is close to hotels and resorts where your delegates can stay comfortably. Brighton scores quite good here with the town surrounded by hotels and resorts.
  3. Rigidness won’t be helpful- While it is important to find the right venue, don’t hunt for that perfect venue as you will never get one. Some venues may score well in terms of locations, while others may score well on budget aspects. Hence, be flexible, but do not compromise on the non-negotiables. Make sure you make a list of these before you even start hunting.
  4. Food and beverage facilities- Food and beverage plays a significant role in making the venue apt for the event. Talk to the venue managers and make them understand about the menu that you are willing to present. Check the food quality before saying a yes and also be clear about the payments for your event.
  5. Technical support and add-on Elements– Wi-Fi connectivity and charging stations are the basic support that you will need. Along with this, the projectors and the meeting table should be well equipped. Also ask them if they will be able to provide you with the banners, boards, signage and other such requisites for your meeting.

Proper management and technical support are the pre-requisites for holding up a meeting in the most efficient way possible. Keep track of the points mentioned above to keep everything in place and also not to get distorted from your goal of organising an official meeting.

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