Are you a gym-braggie?

Pic: Thinstock
After the selfie, it was time for the braggie — a term used when you click your photos and post them online just to show off to friends and family. It got extremely popular with one in 10 people resorting to doing this. Mostly taken on holidays while glamping and those luxe hiking trips, the braggie was all over social media. And the one that’s been catching the fancy of late, is shot in an entirely different scenario — the gym!

Flex and pout

There seems to be no better place to shout out how toned you are, than here. As folks sweat it out, the whole skin glow-bared muscle look is proof of how toned up they can get. While the photo has it’s positive aspects too — like, you may use the gym braggie to inspire someone to follow in your stride and even to help track your own progress at the gym — a study has another view.

Just seeking attention?

We all have those friends who love throwing about their ‘weight-lifting’ or even brawny shirtless pics. But wait, they may have more on their mind than just inspiring you. Research from Burnel University says those who take such pictures are just seeking attention and validation from others. They’re not just satisfied with doing a great workout, but need their friends to acknowledge the same, too. So, will you do the duckface, the next time you work out?


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