Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd

Hindi call: Lauki, Ghiya, Doodhi

also known as white gourd, marrow, calabash or long melons, bottle gourds are a fruit with a light inexperienced pores and skin and white seedy flesh. they come in an expansion of shapes, thick and rounded, small and bottle formed or long and slim. The younger end result are eaten as a vegetable and the mature may be used as a bottle, pipe or utensil. as a consequence the call bottle gourd.


Used a lot in Indian arrangements. With a quick cooking time, it’s far frequently located in soups, stir fried, dal or certainly served as a sabzi. it’s grated form is used to make halwa’s and kofta curries. lengthy thin strips of bottle gourd are used as a vegetarian replacement in sushi or can virtually be drank as a juice. it is seeds are candied or roasted for intake too.

dietary value

those fruits have severa vitamins saved in them. it’s far used to counter stomach acidity, ulcers, indigestion, fatigue, immoderate thirst. Bottle gourds also are discovered in low calorie diets. bitter bottle gourd can result in poisoning, discarding is suggested. The juice of bottle gourd is superb for the health with quite a few medicinal houses.

Did you already know?

one of the first cultivated plant life of the arena, it changed into used for water garage as a field.
Many musical gadgets such as kora and goje are made using bottle gourd in West Africa.
Bottle gourd is dealt with as a image of health in China.

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