additionally called as ‘inexperienced Cauliflower’, broccoli is a member of the cabbage circle of relatives. The word broccoli is derived from the Italian phrase broccolo, this means that the ‘flowering pinnacle of the cabbage’. It has massive flowery heads much like a cauliflower; typically green in shade. these heads are organized in a tree-like shape. The flower heads are cautiously secured underneath the safety of the plant’s leaves.

Broccoli is either consumed via boiling or steamed, but it can additionally be eaten raw. The leaves also are fed on with top notch interest. To hold the nutritional homes intact, it’s far cooked at a low cooking temperature.


The maximum usually discovered type is the heading broccoli. it is soft and has wealthy inexperienced flowering buds. A lesser known broccoli kind is sprouting broccoli. This sort of broccoli comes each in pink and inexperienced colour. it’s also known as asparagus broccoli.

nutritional value

1. Broccoli is stated to possess more dietary price than every other vegetable.
2. It has high content of nutrition C and nutritional fiber.
3. It also consists of anti-cancer residences.
3. Broccoli diet offers low cholesterol benefits. it is also regarded to have a excessive detoxing system.

Did you realize?

Broccoli is considered as treasured meals in the course of the Roman empire.
California produces ninety% of broccoli, being the world primary manufacturer.

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