ought to you brush your enamel right after a meal?

Should you brush your teeth right after a meal? (Westend61/Getty Images)

Brushing your teeth is an hobby that you barely think about. In fact it is something that you do without counting it as an interest – it’s emerge as your 2nd nature. but there are some who take their dental hygiene so critically that they brush after every meal, believing that it is supporting the reason. but is it absolutely?
professionals warn that brushing an excessive amount of can do more harm than excellent. if you are brushing proper after a cup of coffee or your meal, you may virtually be harming your enamel. The damage will be worse when you have had fuzzy or acidic liquids. The acid inside the drinks burn into your tooth and while you brush right after eating it, you’re pushing the acid deeper into your tooth, making subjects worse.
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in keeping with Dr Bushra, widespread supervisor, Indian Dental association ( IDA ) explains, “We need to brush twice daily, no longer compulsory after every meal. The effect of brushing straight away after food predominantly relies upon on the kind of food we eat, as an example, if we have just taken meals which can be acidic in nature like cola or citrus food, due to the acidic nature, the tooth is right away affected and weakened. Brushing in this weakened tooth will honestly do more harm than appropriate- abrasion may be the maximum commonplace effect. immoderate brushing also can result in exposing dentinal tubules causing sensitivity.” So it is advisable to sweep twice an afternoon and gargle after each meal.
Dr Anurag Singh Sr. representative, Maxillofacial surgical treatment. Max Superspeciality clinic Saket, New Delhi adds, “you may brush your enamel as soon as after breakfast and as soon as after dinner but at the least with a gap of 30 minutes to neutralize the acid movement.”
Over brushing and lively brushing can cause receding gums and cause them to extra touchy mainly in case your toothbrush’s bristles are worn down.

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