Can You Handle Drunken Pickles?

We’ve been doing all sorts of fruit — but there had to be a way for us to expand our horizon. As we pondered our favorite food trends as of late, pickles came to mind. Could it be done? What would be soak them in? Is this taking the pickle trend TOO FAR? (Hint: at Delish there is no such thing as too far!)

We settled on a play on the classic pickleback: a combination of whiskey and pickle juice, perked up with some dill and red pepper flakes. We tend to lean towards the extra-spicy so we added some Tabasco to our mixture as well.

Listen, these lil’ guys aren’t for everybody. But if you love pickles and whiskey, there’s nothing better! If you wanted to spruce them up a bit more you could skewer them with a wedge of lemon or a cherry pepper. Or, try pickle chips! With their larger surface area, they’re bound to soak up even more of the booze than whole pickles.


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