Eat these foods for healthy teeth

Eat these foods for healthy teeth (Getty Images)<br />
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While brushing teeth regularly is good enough, the secret to healthy teeth might also lie in certain foods that help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Include these food in your diet for fresh breath and healthy teeth.

Green leafy vegetables
Vegetarian-friendly sources for minerals like broccoli, bok choy, kale, okra, collards, and other dark, leafy veggies are excellent animal-free ways to get vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Non-vegetarian products
Loaded with phosphorus, another important mineral that protects tooth enamel, meat, fish and tofu are particularly good sources of this essential mineral.

Cheese and Yoghurt

These can protect tooth enamel and even help replace minerals in teeth so have low-fat cheese and and plain non-fat yoghurt as options. Cheese contains casein, a protein found in milk products that can shore up enamel.

Milk and Eggs

 excellent sources of calcium and vitamin , dairy products like milk and egg yolks strengthen teeth. If you are not into milk you can try non-dairy alternatives.
 Crunchy vegetables and fruits

Just like the rest of your body, teeth require a little work every now and then to stay sharp. Crunchy, firm foods like carrot, apple and celery contain lots of water and require lots of chewing which is good for oral health as they stimulate the flow of saliva and scrub tooth surfaces. This brightens the pearly whites, while saliva contains enzymes that buffers the acids present in food and cleans bits of food from all corners of the mouth.

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