Food and diet rules for healthy liver

Diet plan for healthy liver (Getty Images)

Liver is the largest gland of the body. Conventionally speaking, most diseases take a long-time to destroy it and it also takes very long to heal. There is always a scope to improve liver health by making food habit correction. Oil and alcohol are two biggest enemies of liver as both of them make it work harder. And if the liver is already diseased, it might get worse if right diet rules are not followed. Celebrity nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani gives tips, dietary recommendations and diet chart for patients suffering from liver disease.

An increased intake of carbohydrate, moderate protein, moderate fat in recommended
Carbohydrates – 300 – 400gms / day ie. 35-40 kcal / Kg IBW
Proteins- 1.5 – 2 g / kg IBW. Supplement of high protein beverages are recommended in between meals, but only on doctor’s advice.
Fat – ( 40 – 50 g) / day
Vitamin supplementation – B complex, Vitamin C should be given
Minerals- Eat less salt if fluid retention is a symptom. Potassium supplement is necessary & Iron supplement is needed in case of anemia.

1. Whole pulses ( dals) or beans
2. Red meat, high fat organ meat
3. Egg
4. Fried foods, butter ( restricted)
5. Nuts & oilseeds, dry fruits
6. Condiments & spices
7. Papad, chutney or pickles
8. Strong tea or coffee
9. All aerated drinks & Alcohol beverages

1. Cereals- bread or chapatti of wheat, rice, maida, suji, maize, jowar, bajra & ragi
2. Washed dals
3. Breakfast cereals of broken wheat, rice, Oatmeal or maize
4. Milk products like curd, butter-milk etc.
5. Soups
6. Vegetables salads & cooked vegetables

7. Potato, sweet potato or yam

8. Fruits & fruit juices

9. Sugar, jaggery or honey

10. Jam or murabba, jellies

11. Biscuits
12. Dessert like custard or phirni / kheer
13. Beverages , water (liberal) glucose water


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