Get expressive with word bobby pins


Get expressive with word bobby pins
Bobby pins, that are supposed to hold your hair in place without being conspicuous, have got a glam makeover. Fun pins with words like ‘Cool’, ‘Party’, ‘Love’ and ‘Hello’ are a rage among happening youngsters, who are going online to source their pin of choice. These pins are perfect for those who use a particular catchphrase often, and want to make it a part of their look. They also makes for great inexpensive gifts for a friend who swears by a certain catchphrase.

What’s more? This is a good DIY proejct as well. How? Just get hold of some pretty bobby pins, stick alphabets on the surface to form a word of your choice, let it dry completely, and then flaunt it with elan.
Sport these pins at music festivals as they let you express yourself without saying a word.


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