Indian Angel Network plans investment in around 150 startups

NEW DELHI: Venture capital consortium Indian Angel Network (IAN) is looking to invest in about 150 start-up firms in coming 4-5 years, a co-founder of the investment group said.

“We have made six commitments as of now. In next 4-5 years, we have plans to invest in 100-150 firms,” said IAN co- founder Saurabh Srivastava.

He said there is no shortage of funds at IAN and investors are looking at right opportunities.

“We have funded in range of half a million to a million. Some has been to the tune of 3 million but that is an exception. Anyways, there is no shortage of funds in India now,” Srivastava said.

IAN is a group of around 450 venture capitalists and is looking to invest across verticals.

“Most of the funds based out of Silicon Valley who have interest in India are also operating in the country. If a start-up firm has good business case then it does not need to go abroad and can get funding in the country,” Srivastava said.

He said that IAN generally does expects return on investments in start-up before three years of investments.

“We expect return on investments in 3-8 years from the date of investment,” Srivastava said.


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