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Indian Angel Network plans investment in around 150 startups

NEW DELHI: Venture capital consortium¬†Indian Angel Network¬†(IAN) is looking to invest in about 150 start-up firms in coming 4-5 years, a co-founder of the investment group said. “We have made six commitments as of now. In next 4-5 years, we have plans to invest in 100-150 firms,” said IAN co- founder Saurabh Srivastava. He said there is no shortage of funds at IAN and investors are looking at right opportunities. “We have funded in range of half a million to a million. Some has been to the tune of 3…

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Depression May Disrupt the Brain’s Emotion Processing Network

¬† Regions of the brain that normally work together to process emotion become decoupled in people who experience multiple episodes of depression, a study has found. The findings would help identify which patient would benefit from long term anti-depressant treatment to prevent the recurrence of depressive episodes. “Half of the people who have a first depressive episode will go on to have another within two years,” said study co-author, Scott Langenecker. Disruptions in the network of areas of the brain that are simultaneously active during problem-solving and emotional processing have…

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Meerkat Ditches Live Video Streaming for a Video Social Network

Meerkat, an application that came into the spotlight last year for introducing live video broadcasts that leveraged Twitter’s social features, is once again in the news but this time for a different reason. To everyone’s surprise, Meerkat announced it will be ditching live video streaming services in favour of a new video social network. To recall, Meerkat actually beat Twitter to introducing a social-powered live video streaming service, with Twitter more than a few weeks late to the party with its Periscope app. CEO Ben Rubin a couple of weeks…

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