iPhone SE Is ‘Same Old Technology’, Says LG Mobile Chief

iPhone SE Is 'Same Old Technology', Says LG Mobile Chief

Apple’s new iPhone SE, unveiled on Monday, promises to meet the demand for a smaller iPhone, and by sticking to the smaller size of the iPhone 5s, it also means that people who didn’t like the larger screen size of the new models now have a smaller option to choose. Not everybody is impressed with Apple’s iPhone SE though, as an LG executive said it was no threat.

During an event in South Korea, LG Mobile CEO Cho Juno, wass asked about the new iPhone SE and he said, “Rolling out a product with same-old technology and features is not LG’s way.” Juno also told the Korea Herald that the new iPhone SE was no threat for LG’s smartphones in the mid-range segment.

Juno further added, “LG Electronics does not care seriously about rankings, at the moment, as we are focused on making sure the new device provides consumers a variety of options to have fun. By combining fun and imaginative elements, we are sure to overcome market uncertainties.”

LG has been gearing up for the global availability of its latest flagship G5 smartphone which will be going on sale in South Korea starting March 31. The LG G5 will be available to buy in the US starting April 1. The biggest highlight of the new LG G5 flagship is the modules or add-ons called the LG Friends, meant to signify the companion devices that can be attached to the G5.


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