LinkedIn launches ‘Open for Business’ globally for small businesses, freelancers

Photo: Reuters

Professional networking platform LinkedIn announced on Monday the global launch of Open for Business, a feature that allows freelancers and small business owners to add their services to their LinkedIn profiles, making them discoverable from a LinkedIn search.

The feature is now live in India, following an initial roll-out in the US in July 2019, and is a great way for freelancers and small businesses to indicate they’re ‘Open for Business’.

Open for Business allows small businesses and freelancers to showcase the services they provide, directly on their profiles. This helps their profiles become more discoverable in the LinkedIn search engine through the ‘service providers’ filter. Once the “open to” providing services feature is turned on, a box-like card appears on the top of one’s profile, which calls out the services they provide.

The Open for Business feature also allows members looking for services to search and filter results on the platform. This helps them determine which service providers are available and best-suited to fulfil their professional needs. Members can also browse the full list of services offered and send a direct message to the service provider.

Based on research conducted by LinkedIn, small businesses are found to rely heavily on word of mouth, in order to bring in new customers. ‘Open for Business’ aims to digitize this word of mouth concept by making it easy for members to find, message, and provide references to each other.

The launch of this feature signifies LinkedIn’s commitment to supporting SMBs and freelancers across the world.

Commenting on the global launch of ‘Open for Business’ feature, Allen Blue, LinkedIn’s co-founder and VP of product management said, “With 660 million members and 30 million companies on the platform across the world, LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to help freelancers and small businesses be more productive and successful, whether they are based in Dubai or Dundee.”


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