How to make your own tiny garden in a big city


Most of us grew up amid lush green lawns, some even running into water bodies that were not polluted back then. But gone are those days, and along with them, those gardens which were once a big part of our childhood. And, if you’ve always wondered how to give your children if not the same, but a similar childhood in the cramped city apartments, here’s some help!

We spoke to gardening enthusiast, Rashi Rohatgi (who’s also the director of a Delhi based PR firm, W5 Communication, when she’s not tending to her plants) about how to make the seemingly impossible dream of having a tiny garden amid the hustle bustle of the city come true and here’s what she had to say.

“We live in cities where everything is tightly packed. Our houses are getting bigger, but our yards and gardens are getting smaller, however having a small yard or outdoor living space does not mean that we can’t have a great garden. The same can be achieved through recycling those objects that we might throw away as garbage,” explains Rashi.

Here are 5 ways you can indulge in some gardening through recycling, as there is no better way to go green.

1. Kiddie Pool Garden – If there is no yard to use, an old plastic kiddie pool provides the perfect raised garden bed. It is really easy to make and a great idea because one can use the pool during the winter and then put it back when it gets close to planting season again. Just fill the pool with soil or compost and then begin adding the plants. This would be a great way to have a combination of herbs, lettuce and some smaller vegetables. This kiddie pool garden can be kept on a deck, driveway or simply the balcony/verandah.

2. Vertical Garden – To build a vertical garden, all one needs is a shoe holder. Fill each pocket with soil and plant seeds in it. For this, an area much be chosen where there is enough space to hang these plants and for the plants to grow easily as well. The area must be covered to protect the plants from rain, however it must receive abundant sunlight. This garden looks great hung on the wall and saves space. By doing so, the plants are also protected by the critters and pets.

3. Hanging Garden Boots – Boots that are no more in use can also be turned into a garden, in fact a very exclusive and a beautiful one. Take few old boots and make drainage holes in each of the boots so that excess water can escape after watering. Then for hanging the boots, drill another hole on the backside of the boot up at the top and hang them on the fence using a regular nail and just hammer the end crooked so it turns up a bit on the end to prevent the boot from slipping off.

4. Windowsill Garden – Old tins can be recycled to be used in the gardens as pots. Drill a couple of drainage holes in the bottom and fill these pots up with soil and plant the seeds. Paint the cans so that they look beautiful and artsy. Living space instantly gets brightened by lining these cans on the window sill. These hang nicely from fences, decks or even the side of the house.

5. Vertical Bottle Garden – A neat vertical garden can be made from recycled PET bottles. The gist of the garden is really simple. Just cut the side out of the bottles and then use that space to plant whatever you want. This is a great idea for herb gardens. These bottles can be hung on walls or fences using ropes.





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