Mermaid Thighs, the anti-thigh gap trend


Mermaid Thighs, the anti-thigh gap trend
WHAT IT IS: A trend in which women are posting pictures showing their thighs touching.

HOW IT STARTED: The trend is actually an anti-thigh gap campaign, in the sense that it encourages women — with curvy bodies, in particular — to post pictures of their thighs touching, and in the process, be proud of their bodies. And why Mermaid Thighs? Because that’s what the silhouette of a woman whose thighs touch looks like.

HOW IT’S DONE: All you have to do is take a selfie showing your thighs touching. You could be in shorts, a swimsuit, regular jeans or even mermaid tights! Anything, as long as you feel you’re rocking your Mermaid Thighs!


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