Why folks are obsessing over oil-based cleansers


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This one is going to break age-old notions that you may have heard all along of how ‘oil clogs the pores’, how it’s ‘bad for sensitive skin’ and more. But if the latest hype is anything to go by, oil-based face cleansers are becoming the new skin obsession. A case in point is how more celebs are turning to coconut oil to remove make-up as it is anti-inflammatory and a skin softener. Here’s more…


Derived from natural plant oils, these cleansers use oil instead of the usual soap, grain, gel or milk-based cleansers, to remove dirt from the skin’s surface. The oil attaches itself onto surface impurities, dissolving hardened dirt and when rinsed away, it takes the grime and dirt with it. Thus, the concept is based on using ‘good oils’ to remove the ill-effects of bad oils. We are often warned about how scrubbing the skin dry and depleting it of natural moisture can be harmful, and these cleaners fit right in as a solution. With their hydrating properties, they do away with that excess rubbing. You also have to find what suits you best. For instance, tea tree or even peppermint oil has astringent properties and works wonders for oily and troubled skin.


Normal to dry skin: Rose, argan oil, orange

Very dry skin: Olive oil, sweet almond

Oily skin: Lemon oil, tea tree oil


  • Massage the oil into the skin
  • Allow it to stay on for about 20 seconds
  • Wipe it off with a warm cloth
  • Splash on a toner
  • Usually no moisturiser is needed after oil cleaning




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