Say Hello to the Newest Food Trend in Delhi – Ice-Cream Tacos!

Say Hello to the Newest Food Trend in Delhi - Ice-Cream Tacos!

Ice creams are a delight and a recent development in the ice cream world is something you wouldn’t have imagined, ever. We’re talking about the ice-cream tacos! So, you’re served taco-shaped waffle cones filled with your favourite flavour of ice cream and some nuts to make it look gorgeous. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, all you sweet lovers have a new excuse to enjoy ice-cream.

While roll up ice-creams and gigantic sundaes are trending worldwide, Delhi has a new obsession. An ice-cream parlour called Fumo Creams has introduced a range of unique ice-cream tacos with unimaginable flavours and we couldn’t be more excited. Ankit Agarwal, the co-owner of Fumo Creams tells us, “Three of us including Ashish Agarwal and Raghav Singhal conceptualized and opened this parlour. Initially our USP was the liquid nitrogen ice-cream; however, we wanted to bring more versatility to the range we were already offering. Hence, I got this idea of an ice-cream taco which was initially difficult to bring on board because we needed some expert solution to get just the right U-shaped waffle cone. We have now introduced many new flavours like jamun ice-cream tacos, sitaphal (sharifa) ice-cream tacos. Our best sellers are Chocolate Brownie Buzz, Oreo Buzz and Nutty Delight. People love this new concept. Currently, we have three outlets and plan to open more in the near future.” They also offer other exciting flavours white chocolate, choco orange, mango mania, coffee craze, hazy hazelnut, fun Ferrero and many more.


The taco shell is made with the freshly baked waffle cone that you can enjoy with rolled-up ice creams of your choice topped with some nuts, sauces and candies to make it look appealing. The size of these tacos is much bigger than the regular savoury tacos you get. This trend is believed to have been originated in California in the United States at an ice-cream shop called Sweet Cup. Well, it looks like you wouldn’t have to travel that far to get one because we’ve got it right here now!


Where: Shop 27, South Wing, Huda City Centre Metro Station, Gurugram
Tagore Garden, Pacific Mall, Near Kids Zone, New Delhi
Indirapuram Habitat Centre, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad


Cost: INR 140-200 (approximately)


Contact: 9999121076


These gorgeous looking delights are bound to make you fall in love with them. If you haven’t already heard about these mouthwatering ice-cream tacos, check out these pictures shared on social media.


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