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Need a sugary boost? Gorge on this yummy Pear Crumble with ice-cream

This is one dessert which calls for a quiet moment with yourself. On one of those days when you are tired and need that sugary buttery boost – go for a pear crumble with a generous helping of ice cream. The contrast of hot crunchy crumble with cold velvety ice cream will make you go mmmmm. You’re worth every bite of it! Pear Crumble Pear Crumble Preparation Time: 10 mins| Baking time: 40 mins| Serves 3 Ingredients 2 pears, firm ¼ cup castor sugar For the crumble: 1 cup all-purpose…

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Say Hello to the Newest Food Trend in Delhi – Ice-Cream Tacos!

Ice creams are a delight and a recent development in the ice cream world is something you wouldn’t have imagined, ever. We’re talking about the ice-cream tacos! So, you’re served taco-shaped waffle cones filled with your favourite flavour of ice cream and some nuts to make it look gorgeous. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, all you sweet lovers have a new excuse to enjoy ice-cream. While roll up ice-creams and gigantic sundaes are trending worldwide, Delhi has a new obsession. An ice-cream parlour called Fumo Creams has introduced a range of unique ice-cream tacos with…

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