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Need a sugary boost? Gorge on this yummy Pear Crumble with ice-cream

This is one dessert which calls for a quiet moment with yourself. On one of those days when you are tired and need that sugary buttery boost – go for a pear crumble with a generous helping of ice cream. The contrast of hot crunchy crumble with cold velvety ice cream will make you go mmmmm. You’re worth every bite of it! Pear Crumble Pear Crumble Preparation Time: 10 mins| Baking time: 40 mins| Serves 3 Ingredients 2 pears, firm ¼ cup castor sugar For the crumble: 1 cup all-purpose…

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4 Incredible Benefits of Pear (Nashpati)

A typical fruit of temperate regions, pears have been one of the world’s oldest cultivated produce, given their versatility and long storage life. It has its origin and domestication at two different regions, China and the Middle East. At present, Oregon and Washington are regarded as highly specialised regions that support pears, with more than 1,600 pear growers. The Chinese merchants brought this delicious delight to Amritsar’s village Harsa Chhina in around 120-170 AD. The nomenclature can be attributed to Latin words ‘pera’ or ‘pira’, with some variants like the…

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