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Facebook PyTorch 1.0 Announced, a New Open Source AI Development Framework

After making deep investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Facebook has announced the next version of its open-source AI framework for developers. Called “PyTorch 1.0”, the framework provides everyone in the AI research community with a fast, seamless path for building a broad range of AI projects. “The technology in PyTorch 1.0 is already being used at scale, including performing nearly 6 billion text translations per day for the 48 most commonly used languages on Facebook,” the company announced during its F8 developer conference in San Jose on Wednesday. The AI research and…

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Samsung Electronics to Set Up AI Research Centre

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Wednesday it would create an artificial intelligence (AI) research centre and strengthen an executive role to look for new business areas for all its three major business groups. The minor changes to the tech giant’s business structure were to “quickly respond to market changes,” Samsung Electronics said in a statement. The move follows last month’s appointment of a new generation of top managers that dispelled lingering worries about a leadership vacuum from the detention of Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee. The new AI research centre would be under a…

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Apple to Start Publishing AI Research to Hasten Deep Learning

Apple will allow its artificial intelligence teams to publish research papers for the first time, marking a significant change in strategy that could help accelerate the iPhone maker’s advances in deep learning. When Apple introduced its Siri virtual assistant in 2011, the company appeared to have a head start over many of its nearest competitors. But it has lost ground since then to the likes of Alphabet Inc.’s Google Assistant and Inc.’s Alexa. Researchers say among the reasons Apple has failed to keep pace is its unwillingness to allow…

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