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Rain industries Q4 CY18 review: Business in transition; accumulate on dips

Rain Industries reported a weak set of Q4 CY18 earnings. Its earnings were anticipated to be subdued due to delayed permission to import a key raw material, green petroleum coke (GPC) and a continued import ban of  calcined petroleum coke CPC) used for blending key product. But what really caused the disappointment was the adverse impact of high-cost inventory. Result analysis Volume trend in product sales  Key negatives High-cost inventory continues to impact profitability of most chemical products in carbon (68 percent of total sales) and advance materials (25 percent of total sales) segments….

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Mumbai’s air quality dips, to go down further today

Mumbai’s air quality dips, to go down further today With temperatures falling and winds calming, the air quality in Mumbai that was poor on Friday further dipped on Saturday . And it is only expected to get worse on Sunday , according to the System for Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR). The city’s overall air quality was indexed at 283 on Saturday evening, down from 267 Friday .Both fall in the poor air category meaning people with heart or lung disease, older adults and children should reduce prolonged…

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