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Rain industries Q4 CY18 review: Business in transition; accumulate on dips

Rain Industries reported a weak set of Q4 CY18 earnings. Its earnings were anticipated to be subdued due to delayed permission to import a key raw material, green petroleum coke (GPC) and a continued import ban of  calcined petroleum coke CPC) used for blending key product. But what really caused the disappointment was the adverse impact of high-cost inventory. Result analysis Volume trend in product sales  Key negatives High-cost inventory continues to impact profitability of most chemical products in carbon (68 percent of total sales) and advance materials (25 percent of total sales) segments….

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Transition Care: Everything You Need To Know

With a significant number of patients suffering from critical ailments being re-admitted to hospitals after being discharged, the shortcomings in the healthcare industry are evident more than ever before. Even the most advanced critical care management system fails to ensure holistic recovery in the absence of follow-up care. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure efficient utilisation of critical care facilities for improved patient outcomes. This is the context where transition care gains importance in India”s healthcare scene. Most major medical/surgical illnesses are sudden, unanticipated and need a tertiary care facility…

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