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People Who Wear Glasses Are Indeed More Intelligent, Genetic Study Reveals

Findings of a new genetic research suggest that people who wear glasses are indeed more intelligent. Researchers said this has something to do with the genes. Wearing Glasses And Intelligence In the new study, which was published in the journal Nature Communications, Gail Davies, from the Center for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, and colleagues involved 300,486 individuals who are between 16 and 102 years old. The participants had taken different thinking tests that were then summarized as general cognitive ability score. They also had genetic testing, which…

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Amazon issues refund to customers who bought phoney eclipse glasses

E-commerce giant Amazon is offering refunds to customers who purchased eclipse glasses from the platform and warned them not to use the spectacles to view the total solar eclipse that will occur on August 21. The company began notifying the buyers about the “unverified” glasses on Saturday. Those who did not receive a recall email are safe to use the ones they purchased, CNET reported on Sunday. “We recommend that you do not use this product to view the sun or the eclipse,” the email issuing the warning read. Amazon…

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