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Swine flu threat grows; 600 deaths, 12.5k cases this year

Swine flu, the viral illness that became a pandemic in 2009, has made a comeback this year, claiming nearly 600 lives across the country so far this year, with close to 12,500 cases being reported.Maharashtra, with 284 deaths, is the worst affected, followed by Gujarat (75), Kerala (63) and Rajasthan (59), government data shows. In Delhi, official figures state, 241 people have tested positive for swine flu and four have died, as on July 9. Doctors said the number of deaths could be higher. “People are visiting hospitals late. This…

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Chorus for extending abortion deadline grows

Highlighting the limitation of the 20-week abortion deadline again, a city doctor spoke about the plight of a jilted woman who wants to abort her 19-week foetus but cannot because of a medical condition. By the time doctors control her hyperthyroidism and make her fit enough to undergo a medical termination, the deadline would have passed. This is the third case the state’s medical fraternity has encountered in a week’s time where the MTP deadline has come in the way of terminating a difficult pregnancy . In the two other cases, women are carrying foetuses with…

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