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Gold investment demand returns, but rising dollar is a major hurdle

Crude oil prices slipped nearly 3 percent as the Saudi Arabian energy minister said it will keep the market well supplied. Moreover, the Saudi Arabian OPEC governor said on October 25, the oil market could be over-supplied in the fourth quarter. During the week gone by, such statements kept the sentiment in oil market bearish. Next week, the US will release its non-farm payrolls and core PCE price index. It would be interesting to see which direction the yellow metal is pulled. The latest plunge in equity prices and the┬áspike…

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Organ donation hits rejection hurdle

Failure shouldn’t send a wrong message: Doctors When family of Sovona Sarkar donated the 71-year old’s organs in June, her kidneys gave new life to two young renal-failure patients. A month and-a-half later, the body of one of the recipients rejected the donated kidney. The other’s condition is also a cause for concern, but doctors at SSKM Hospital have not yet given up hope. Experts though, stressed that one rejection, or even two, should not mean the end of the road for cadaver organ donation. “Any transplant operation always carries…

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