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Michael Phelps to be honored for destigmatizing mental health

Famed Olympian Michael Phelps is about to add yet another accolade to his trophy room, and he’ll be coming to Boston to accept it. The Ruderman Family Foundation, a locally based nonprofit whose work advocates for disability inclusion, just announced it has named the repeat-gold medalist as the newest recipient of its annual Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion. The highly decorated swimmer has been selected as this year’s honoree because of the strides he’s made in opening up about his personal battle with depression and anxiety, encouraging others to seek help and exercise…

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Indians try cupping as Phelps boosts this pain relieving technique

Cupping clinics get a Phelps boost as people try it for pain relief, and even facelifts. Long before the purple bruises on swimmer Michael Phelps’s body hit the head lines, Mumbai doctor Sahil Sheikh was a fan of cupping. Nagged by a chronic shoulder problem, the 35-year-old decided to try this alternative therapy. “Apart from mild dizziness immediately after the session, there were no side-effects,” he says. But he did report relief from pain. Like Sheikh, many Indians have become cupping devotees. The therapy, which has its origins in traditional…

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