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City Air Found to Have Traces of Resistant Bacteria

The air you breathe may contain DNA from genes that make bacteria resistant to the most powerful antibiotics developed yet, a study has found. In the study, the researchers looked for genes that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics in a total of 864 samples of DNA collected from humans, animals, and different environmentsworldwide. “In the air samples from Beijing, we found a series of genes that provide resistance to carbapenems — a group of last resort antibiotics taken for infections caused by bacteria that are often very difficult to treat,”…

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20 new machines to enhance war on drug resistant TB

The fight in opposition to drugresistant tuberculosis (TB) has received momentum after the Union fitness ministry gave Maharashtra 8 more effective diagnostic machines ( GeneXpert ), that may provide test effects within hours towards the conventional tools which absorb to 2 months. “The greater machines will help diagnose and deal with extra cases of drug-resistant TB. The high-quit machines have emerge as purposeful at district hospitals, district TB centres and municipal-run hospitals in Mumbai, Pune, Satara, Osmanabad, Jalna, Ratnagiri, Bhandara and Wardha,” stated Sharad Patil, assistant director (TB), kingdom fitness…

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