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Does Apple Cider Vinegar Really Cater to Weight Loss? Studies Find Out

Apple cider vinegar has recently gained a lot of popularity considering its numerous health benefits. It is derived after processing and fermenting apple pulp. This elixir promises you an array of benefits, be it skin and hair and is also believed to help lose weight. It is touted for being one of the best remedies for weight loss and detoxification. While studies have shown significant positive effect of ACV in mice experiments, human studies have been limited so far. In mice, studies show that acetic acid, the main component of…

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Drinking Coffee Helps You Live Longer, Pair Of New Studies Confirm

There’s another scientific evidence for you to enjoy your regular cup of joe in the morning. Two new large studies published Monday, July 10, in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that coffee could extend one’s life through reducing the risk of death from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or even cancer. This link between coffee and reduced death risk held up even if one is having a decaffeinated drink. The studies involved more than 700,000 participants from across a number of races, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. 1st Study: Across 10 Leading Causes Of Death…

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