Veganism continues to be one of UK’s fastest-growing lifestyle movements

Veganism continues to be one of the UK's fastest-growing lifestyle movements, and this is certainly reflected in London's massive vegan scene. (Photo: ANI)

Veganism continues to be one of the UK’s fastest-growing lifestyle movements, and this is certainly reflected in London’s massive vegan scene. (Photo: ANI)

London: London has been named the most vegan-city in the world for a second year and has now more vegan restaurants in the last few years, according to an online restaurant guide. According to HappyCow, which claims to be the largest vegan and vegetarian restaurant guide in the world, London became the first city on its list to reach 100 vegan-friendly restaurants in 2017.

Presently, there are 125 vegan restaurants in a five-mile (approx. eight kilometres) radius within the city and there are 152 fully vegan restaurants spread across London. According to Vegan Society’s larger survey, the number of vegans quadrupled from 2014-18 and in 2018, there were approximately 6,00,000 vegans in the UK, equivalent to 1.16 per cent of the British population.

“Veganism continues to become a mainstream lifestyle in London, and this city takes veganism to a new level,” HappyCow said in its survey. The HappyCow list ranks cities on three factors — the number of vegan restaurants in a five-mile radius in the most vegan restaurant-dense area in each city, the number of vegan/vegetarian/veg-option restaurants in the same five-mile radius, and vegan restaurant count to population density.

The list also names London’s various vegan restaurants such as La Fauxmagerie, the UK’s first vegan cheese shop, PickyWops, Brighton transplant Purezza, Young Vegans Pizza Shop and Vurger Co, a healthy plant-based burger joint with delicious sides and shakes.

“The two locations of the world’s first vegan chicken shops, The Temple of Seitan, continue to thrive in London with their signature fried plant-based chicken and mac and cheese. Ethnic favourites include Itadakizen Japanese Macrobiotic restaurant, Zionly Manna with delicious Caribbean/African food, Andu Caffe on the east side for Ethiopian and also on the east side is the new Mauritian and Caribbean-inspired restaurant called Rogue Vegan,” HappyCow said.

It recommended people craving for something sweet to treat their taste buds with gourmet vegan cupcakes at Ms. Cupcake or Vida Bakery, vegan doughnuts at Crosstown Doughnuts Vegan and Yorica, which has an amazing selection of vegan ice-cream.

“New York vegan chain By Chloe continues to expand with two UK branches in Oxford Circus and Covent Garden, offering English classics like shepherd’s pie and tofish and chips. Vegan formula one racing champion Lewis Hamilton opened the first location in London of a vegan burger chain called Neat Burger,” HappyCow said.

International chain Pizza Hut added a full vegan menu, and KFC will trial vegan or vegetarian chicken in the UK later this year and the fast-food giant already offers a vegan burger, the restaurant guide further said. It further said, “Veganism continues to be one of the UK’s fastest-growing lifestyle movements, and this is certainly reflected in London’s massive vegan scene.”


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