vivo X80 Pro takes impressive photos in the dark, latest leak reveals

The vivo X70 series brought impressive smartphones with mighty cameras, and the company is planning to keep it going with the next lineup. A photo appeared online, revealing the upcoming vivo X80 Pro looks, which will have four shooters, one of them being a periscope lens.

The device will be powered by a Dimensity 9000 chip, and thanks to its dedicated ISP will take impressive night shots in a low-lit environment. On top of that, it will offer a preview before taking the picture, which is something that we’re yet to see from any other company.

Alleged vivo X80 Pro photo and its camera capabilities Alleged vivo X80 Pro photo and its camera capabilities
Alleged vivo X80 Pro photo and its camera capabilities

The camera alignment on the photo looks unusual. It is in line with the design on the back of the X Fold and X Note, but the large periscope module clearly forced that camera to move away from the circle, creating a somewhat messy overall setup. Still, if the camera capabilities are even better than the X70 series we are sure many wouldn’t mind.

We’ll be on the lookout for more leaks on the upcoming vivo X80 series and keep you posted!


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