Samsung Galaxy S23 Flagship Smartphone Could Switch To MediaTek Chipset Next Year

Samsung Galaxy S23 could use MediaTek chipset next year

Samsung could jump ship next year for its Galaxy S23 lineup and start using the MediaTek chipset for its smartphone as per a new media report. The company has mostly stuck to Qualcomm and Exynos chipset variants over the years, but moving to MediaTek and its Dimensity hardware could be a big development for both the companies involved.

If the report has a strong base of truth, we could have the next Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone powered by one of the premium MediaTek SoC. The source quoted in the report is quick to mention that Samsung won’t be completely moving to MediaTek for its chipset requirement.

In fact, like now, Samsung will offer the MediaTek-powered devices in select markets, mostly in Asia. The report doesn’t say which MediaTek hardware will be utilised by the South Korean company for its products, but the first phone to see the change could be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 FE model, launching sometime this year.


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