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Unravel 2 Not Coming to Nintendo Switch, May Have Co-Op Mode Hints ESRB Rating

Quirky platformer Unravel was revealed at E3 2015 and released in 2016. Barely two years since its debut, Unravel 2 is on the way. While EA had confirmed it was working with Unravel developer Coldwood, little has been said since. Now, thanks to an ESRB rating for Unravel 2 spotted by those on popular gaming forum ResetEra, we know what to expect. Namely, no Unravel 2 for Nintendo Switch (as the console isn’t listed as one of the platforms for launch) and possible cooperative play thanks to the game’s description. Expect Unravel 2 to make an…

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Switch off the TV, too much screen time can cause heart disease and cancer

Spending too much time watching TV can be injurious to health. A new study done by the University of Glasgow and published in BMC Medicine reveals a link between higher risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease. The effect was more among those with low fitness, low muscle strength or physical activity levels. Previous studies linked increased screen time with bowel cancer for men as well as diabetes, obesity and a weak heart. Discretionary screen time, time spent watching TV or looking at a computer screen during leisure time, is an important contributor to…

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Leaf Plates From Germany: Time to Switch Back to Ancient Indian Traditions?

Do you remember eating food out of pattals? I do. Raised in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh, I was quite close to the rustic and traditional ways of living as compared to some of my friends and colleagues living in metros. I remember some of my favourite street stalls and most iconic canteens and eateries in Allahabad serving pav bhajis, poori sabjis and samosas in donas made out of dried leaves. My father would note the economical aspect of such a practice, not to mention the fact that leaves are…

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