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Leaf Plates From Germany: Time to Switch Back to Ancient Indian Traditions?

Do you remember eating food out of pattals? I do. Raised in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh, I was quite close to the rustic and traditional ways of living as compared to some of my friends and colleagues living in metros. I remember some of my favourite street stalls and most iconic canteens and eateries in Allahabad serving pav bhajis, poori sabjis and samosas in donas made out of dried leaves. My father would note the economical aspect of such a practice, not to mention the fact that leaves are…

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Ancient Chinese Malaria Remedy May Help Fight TB

In a study led by Robert Abramovitch, from the Michigan State University in the US, the ancient remedy artemisinin stopped the ability of TB-causing bacteria, known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, to become dormant. A centuries-old herbal Chinese medicine, used to effectively treat malaria, may help fight tuberculosis and slow the evolution of drug resistance, scientists have found. This stage of the disease often makes the use of antibiotics ineffective. “When TB bacteria are dormant, they become highly tolerant to antibiotics,” Abramovitch said. “Blocking dormancy makes the TB bacteria more sensitive to…

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Guava Leaves for Hair Growth: How to Use This Ancient Beauty Remedy

Winter mornings are beautiful; the dewy grass, foggy sky and piping hot masala chai. But as much as I love the season, I dread it for the beauty woes it brings along with it, particularly hair fall. It’s hard to put in words my struggle with hair fall over the years. From undergoing various salon treatments to using expensive hair products claiming to bring respite, I have tried it all. Yet none of them have brought me any luck. And just when I was giving up, I discovered a miraculous…

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