Well begun is half done

Well begun is half done
From bloating to acne, inflammation causes havoc in our bodies. Experts are now introducing inflammation-fighting foods in the diet – and turmeric is the winner, along with ginger. Other foods to combat inflammation are cayenne, zoodle or zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice, nut milks and vegan cheese.

Sound baths
If you want a soothing experience, try sound baths. Lie down on a mat or sit in a comfortable chair. Calming instruments like crystal singing bowls are played by a sound healer. This technique is meant to bring your brain into a meditative state.

Simply put, people have drastically cut down on eating meat, but not stopped completely. We have seen rise of vegan and vegetarian diets, but now reduce-tarianism is the trend on rise, globally. With less meat and more fruits and veggies, reduce-tarians live healthy, happy lives.

Hyper-functional beverages
Vitamin-dusted waters are the new cool in ultra-healthy beverages. People are ditching tea and coffee for tonics. From strawberry-infused vitamin water, aloe water to cucumber lemon tea, vitamin-infused water are further infused with other inventive health concepts like green tea extracts, apple cider vinegar, medicinal mushrooms (like reishi or chaga).

DNA Fitness
A person’s genetic makeup will be the source of his nutrition and fitness this year. Your genes determine how your body processes certain nutrients, and how you respond to different activities. Fitness companies will offer a bespoke diet after analysing your DNA to see what kind of foods suit you best.

All White Ban
White foods have been nabbed as the main obesity triggers in the US, hence the rise of ‘Eat Nothing White Diet’. The key is to stop eating specific white foods – white rice, white potatoes, white beans, white sugar and products made with refined sugar and white flour products, like white bread or pasta. However, the few exceptions to the rule are cauliflower, egg whites, parsnips, milk, white fish and white poultry meat. The difference between refined white foods and their healthier counterparts lies in processing and fibre.

Black garlic is being touted as the super garlic of 2017. Created through a process of fermentation, it has twice the antioxidants than normal garlic. It can be cooked the same way as white garlic. You can also make a purée of black garlic and use it in all foods.

Consult a nutritionist before trying any of these.


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