What Are Jeff Siegel’s SPV Royalties?

Jeff Siegel, a massive advocate for investing in sustainable, environmentally-friendly industries, released a pitch where he was talking about making money off of royalties on Elon Musk’s no. 1 business.

He says that we could be about to see a $50 trillion boom unravel and you can profit off of it with the right investment.

In this article, we find out what he means by SPV royalties as well as what he is talking about when he says that you can start earning from investing in “Elon Musk’s No. 1 Business.”

What is Jeff Siegel’s SPV Royalties?

In his new presentation, Jeff Siegel claims that a relatively new type of investment called private “SPV” royalties is now available to everyday Americans. With access to these royalties, he believes investors can earn enough money to retire comfortably.

Jeff Siegel's SPV RoyaltiesOn top of that, he says that trading these royalties is as easy as buying stock from your brokerage account, without the volatility, without trading a single stock or bond, starting with as little as $100.

What does he mean by SPV?

SPV is a term Jeff came up with to refer to “subscription photovoltaics.” He also calls it the “Netflix of Solar.”

But what does he mean by that?

Jeff says that SPV refers to an arrangement where people pay for a subscription solar – they pay a monthly fee for access to solar energy.

“Early-stage solar projects are now open to the public.

Instead of looking to the power companies…

They get backing from the communities they serve.

The people go from customers to “stakeholders” — literally.

Individuals can buy a share of the project…

A city or neighborhood can pool its resources…

And create a network anyone can subscribe to.

In any case, once the consumer is signed up…

They are entitled to all the benefits of solar like:

20%–30% cheaper bills

No blackouts

No carbon emissions

And best of all, no rooftop panels. No need for upfront costs.”

So, these are community solar projects designed to allow users to have access to a mini-grid powered by solar. Users subscribe to these projects and that’s what he calls SPV.

Jeff Siegel's SPV RoyaltiesThe investment opportunity comes from the fact that you can invest in these projects and you’ll get paid royalties.

He says that it is like getting a cut for every watt generated.

Jeff Siegel says that these investment opportunities were not available to non-accredited investors until “an obscure part of the JOBS Act changed SEC ‘Regulation A.’”

Thanks to this regulation, Jeff Siegel says that now you can buy directly into SPV through private deals. He says that so far, 26 states have passed bills to greenlight SPV, including Florida, New York, and Texas.

Jeff Siegel's SPV RoyaltiesWith the new arrangement, instead of power companies making money off of solar power, investors can buy into SPV deals directly with just $100 and earn royalties.

Everything Jeff Siegel knows about this investment is in a special report called “Private Solar Royalties: Earn 6-Figure Payouts From the Clean Energy Revolution.”

Jeff Siegel's SPV RoyaltiesInside the special report, Jeff writes about a secure website where you can sign up to start earning money from SPV opportunities.

He also shares details he got from interviewing the CEO running the website.

In the report, he explains why he thinks SPV deals are the fastest-growing segment of the $50 trillion solar industry and why he thinks royalties are the fastest way to earn money in clean energy.

Who is Jeff Siegel?

Jeff Siegel is a speaker and the publisher and managing editor of Green Chip Stocks, an independent investment research service. Jeff helps thousands of loyal readers make money by investing in companies that espouse their values.

He has released presentations like Elon Musk’s Big Bombshell and Molecule 520 that are embodiments of the approach.

Jeff’s work centers on alternative energy and transportation markets, cannabis, agriculture, and Sustainability. During his talks, Jeff discusses the economic benefits of ethical investing in those areas.

Jeff Siegel works as a consultant and has been a featured guest on Fox, CNBC, and Bloomberg Asia.


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