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WhatsApp Text Status Feature Makes a Return With ‘About’ Description

WhatsApp did a major overhaul by introducing Snapchat-like WhatsApp Status a while back. It was met with a lot of criticism from many users who wanted the old text-based status message back. Now, with WhatsApp’s latest beta, the company is testing just that. In the latest Android beta version 2.17.95, users are now seeing the revival of the old status message feature. The feature is still being tested, but this indicates that it should arrive in the stable version soon. If you want to use it immediately, we suggest you…

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lengthy-term use of antibiotics ought to disrupt brain feature

remedies concerning lengthy-time period use of antibiotics have the potential to disrupt mind features , suggests a new research which observed that healthy gut bacteria is important to retaining the thoughts sharp. A special kind of immune mobile serves as an middleman between intestine micro organism and the brain, showed the findings that could also assist to alleviate the signs of intellectual disorders. The gut and the brain “communicate” to one another through hormones, metabolic products or direct neural connections. in this take a look at, the researchers switched off…

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Creo Teases Mark 1 Smartphone, Promises Monthly Feature Updates

Creo has just posted a video revealing the Mark 1 smartphone on its social media feeds. While specifications aren’t forthcoming at this point, judging by the video, the Mark 1 phone has a contemporary look with a curved metallic rim and slim glass back, and is about the size of an iPhone 6 Plus. Rather than compete on specifications or price, it looks like the startup is looking to differentiate itself through OS updates that will keep your phone running like new, with a new feature released each month. “We…

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