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Google Lens Visual Search Assistant Feature Starts Rolling Out on Pixel, Pixel 2 Phones

Google has started rolling out visual search feature Google Lens in Assistant for the first batch of Pixel and Pixel 2 smartphones. “The first users have spotted the visual search feature up and running on their Pixel and Pixel 2 phones,” 9to5Google reported late on Friday. At first built into the Photos app, with the launch of the Pixel XL 2, Google Lens can recognise things like addresses and books, among others. In Photos, the feature can be activated when viewing any image or screenshot. However, in Google Assistant, it is integrated right into the sheet that pops up after holding…

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Five Social Media Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Job Search

ear Liz, I’ve been “cleaning up” my social media presence lately because I’m about to start a job search. What do I need to do to my social media pages to make sure I’m job-search-ready? Thanks, Leona Shutterstock Dear Leona, Good thinking! I’m sure you know that the majority of employers will check out a candidate’s social media presence before making a job offer. Here are five social media mistakes that could really slow down your job search: Risque or racy content on your social media pages Offensive sentiments or…

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What does actress Deanna Yusoff search for while traveling?

halfway through our interview at a comfortable brunch region in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, actress Deanna Yusoff has a form of epiphany. She has been speaking approximately the joy of visiting. It’s a shape of escapism, she explains. perhaps she enjoys the anonymity, I propose. “That’s proper!” she says, her eyes lighting fixtures up at the revelation. Then, with fun, she provides, “I don’t trouble placing on makeup or quality clothes.” dressed in a flowy turquoise get dressed for our meeting, with a hint of blush and lipstick on her perfectly…

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