Help us report! Share your health costs story and search prices

Image result for Help us report! Share your health costs story and search pricesThe health care market in the United States is opaque. Most people don’t know the costs of medical procedures they need until after the fact, leaving patients with little to no ability to factor price into their health care decisions. In an effort to change this, CBS News is working on a series of reports designed to bring transparency to the health care marketplace.

CBS News has teamed up with journalists at ClearHealthCosts to gather information from you about the amounts you’ve been billed for medical procedures. We will use this crowdsourced data in our news reporting to shine a light on the health care marketplace and arm you with useful pricing information that can help you make informed choices as a consumer of health services. And, if you choose to be contacted, CBS News may reach out to interview you for our reporting. You can also search a database of prices.

To participate, please click the button below to be taken to the ClearHealthCosts website, where you will be asked to input some information about the prices you’ve paid for health services. ClearHealthCosts will share this information with CBS News for the purposes of our reporting. You do not have to enter your contact information, but, if you choose to do so, you may be contacted by CBS News.


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