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Technology is killing jobs at Pick n Pay – but that’s not the whole story

Retailer Pick n Pay said in business and trading statement on Monday that it has removed a chunk of its roles and functions due to improvements in technology, among other things. “Through its work to improve the efficiency and productivity of its workforce, the group identified opportunities earlier this year to remove around 10% of its roles and functions across its Pick n Pay head office, regional structure, store operations and supply chain. “These roles and functions were no longer required due to improvements in organisation, planning and technology,” the…

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The Shocking Story of Toxic Fast Food Packaging and Its Cancer Risks

As much convenient as fast food is to quickly take care of the hunger pangs when they kick in (besides these foods also being lip-smacking and delicious) they are not at all good for our health in the long run. Sure, we all love those greasy burgers, crunchy fries, salted snacks, and packaged treats, but the fact is that can do severe harm to our body if we are not careful. Even when you head to the supermarket, you shouldn’t just pick up anything and everything. The practice of reading…

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