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Shocking: Zero Pollution and Clean Water May Increase Asthma Risk in Kids

Pollution has almost become a way of life, particularly in India. We are so used to it that we don’t think of it as a serious threat to our lives. The capital city New Delhi is considered to be the most polluted city in the world, and the consequences of it are evident with cases of respiratory diseases going up rapidly over the years. It is a serious concern and we need to make a conscious effort to prevent its health risks. Perhaps packing our bags and heading to a…

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The Shocking Story of Toxic Fast Food Packaging and Its Cancer Risks

As much convenient as fast food is to quickly take care of the hunger pangs when they kick in (besides these foods also being lip-smacking and delicious) they are not at all good for our health in the long run. Sure, we all love those greasy burgers, crunchy fries, salted snacks, and packaged treats, but the fact is that can do severe harm to our body if we are not careful. Even when you head to the supermarket, you shouldn’t just pick up anything and everything. The practice of reading…

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