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Five Social Media Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Job Search

ear Liz, I’ve been “cleaning up” my social media presence lately because I’m about to start a job search. What do I need to do to my social media pages to make sure I’m job-search-ready? Thanks, Leona Shutterstock Dear Leona, Good thinking! I’m sure you know that the majority of employers will check out a candidate’s social media presence before making a job offer. Here are five social media mistakes that could really slow down your job search: Risque or racy content on your social media pages Offensive sentiments or…

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Looking To Lose Weight? Whole30 Might Hurt Instead of Help

Those setting weight loss and healthy eating resolutions have undoubtedly heard of the newest dieting fad, Whole30. Known for being a month-long reset of eating habits, the diet is a restrictive one that focuses on eliminating “bad” food groups. Participants of Whole30 must eliminate grains, legumes, dairy, processed food ingredients (like MSG and sulfites), sugar, and alcohol. The rules are simple, don’t eat these food groups, don’t weight or measure yourself, and don’t cheat. The touted results from the month-long program are weight loss, clearing up of digestive and skin issues, subsiding…

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