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Heavy Drinking has been Normalized for Women, and it’s Killing them in Record Numbers

The ads started popping up about a decade ago on social media. Instead of selling alcohol with sex and romance, these ads had an edgier theme: Harried mothers chugging wine to cope with everyday stress. Women embracing quart-sized bottles of whiskey, and bellying up to bars to knock back vodka shots with men. In this new strain of advertising, women’s liberation equaled heavy drinking, and alcohol researchers say it both heralded and promoted a profound cultural shift: Women in America are drinking far more, and far more frequently, than their…

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recognize Your Blood strain Numbers to live wholesome

the ones had been the days while our forefathers toiled within the fields at some point of the day; our grandmothers were spinning round doing all of the family chores and the kids at domestic did not have snazzy devices to be glued on. those were the times while the youngsters at domestic ventured out to play; they’d masses of buddies gambling with them at the no longer-so-crowded or polluted streets. And the complete own family had proper pesticide-free healthy food after a hard day’s paintings; they maintained a healthy…

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